优惠Rapoo X1800 2.4GHZ无线键鼠套装

Rapoo X1800 2.4GHZ无线键鼠套装
NCIX网店销售,原价23.99元,现价:13.99元,请在购物车页选择右上方加拿大小图标结账,再选店内取货免邮,点击进入订购页面。 此款使用2.4GHz无线技术,有效距离为10米,网上有部分人抱怨此款鼠标容易失灵,点击查看相关评价。 Size:125mm * 392mm , 63mm * 119mm

优惠Sony Lightweight Clip-On Headphones耳挂式耳机

Sony Lightweight Clip-On Headphones耳挂式耳机
NCIX网店销售,原价19.99元,现价:6.99元,请在购物车页选择右上方加拿大小图标结账,再选店内取货免邮,点击进入订购页面。 点击查看相关评价。 Sony presents MDR-J10 Stereo earphone. This chic earphone feature vertical in-the-ear design for comfort, a headband-free clip on style that follows the contour of the ears and a n……

优惠Thermos Soft Lunch Kit儿童午餐保温袋

Thermos Soft Lunch Kit儿童午餐保温袋
Walmart网店销售,原价10元,现价:3元包邮,点击进入订购页面。 • Durable and playful children’s soft insulated lunch bag • 100% PVC free with PEVA linings • Superior quality closed cell polyethylene foam insulation keeps food fresh • Comfortable, padded carrying handle • Durable, easy to clean fabric • Dimensions: 24.……

优惠比中国山寨货还便宜一半!OEM Class 10 Micro SD Card 32GB存储卡

比中国山寨货还便宜一半!OEM Class 10 Micro SD Card 32GB存储卡
The Source Ebay网店销售,原价24.95元,现价:6.99元包邮,点击进入订购页面。 Class 10/90 Day Warranty WRITE SPEED: 13 MByte/s READING SPEED: 17 MByte/sec - Works with Windows, BlackBerry and Android - Can be used in Cell Phones, Digital Cameras, MP3, Tablets, Laptops and Desk tops, Camcorders and more

优惠VTech Learning Application Download Card学习软件下载充值卡

VTech Learning Application Download Card学习软件下载充值卡
Amazon网店销售,原价20元,现价:11.08元,全站满25元包邮,点击进入订购页面。 The Vtech Learning App Download Card allows you to get more content for your child's favorite VTech toys. Valued at $20, you can use the card in VTech's easy-to-use download manager, the Learning Lodge, where you can choose hundreds of downl……

优惠两款Grawzulz Backpack儿童背包清仓

两款Grawzulz Backpack儿童背包清仓
Bestbuy网店销售,原价25元,现价:6.97元,运费1.99元,全站满20元包邮,点击进入订购页面:青色、黑色。 The Backpack carved its own path in design; built tough with a comfort that's second to none. It features padded, contoured shoulder straps for better weight distribution, breathable mesh liner and a soft padded bac……

优惠American Eagle Outfitters美鹰傲飞官网清仓区男女服饰鞋包等全面半价包邮

American Eagle Outfitters美鹰傲飞官网清仓区男女服饰鞋包等全面半价包邮
American Eagle Outfitters美鹰傲飞官网清仓区男女服饰鞋包全面半价(除牛仔裤)包邮,加入购物车后自动打折,无须折扣码,点击进入订购页面。 American Eagle Outfitters是美国顶尖休闲时装品牌,专门面向年轻顾客群体,以合理价格提供高品质、潮流服饰。


The Source Ebay网店销售,原价12.95元,现价:7.99元包邮,点击进入订购页面。 The Nexxtech indoor weekly digital timer lets you turns lamps, appliances and other electrical devices on and off automatically. Set up to eight weekly programs and customize your electrical use. This digital timer can even help you save mone……

优惠Cuisinart 70克 Coffee Grinder咖啡豆研磨机

Cuisinart 70克 Coffee Grinder咖啡豆研磨机
NCIX网店销售,原价24.99元,现价:9.99元包邮,美国Amazon现价:19美元,点击进入订购页面。 不锈钢内胆,每次只能打磨70克咖啡豆。据评论中有人提到曾用来绞肉,有兴趣的可以试试,一机两用,比mini绞肉机便宜点。注意:此类研磨机发热量较大,每使用1分半钟,至少需等待5分钟再使用,否则容易烧电机。 Sturdy and durable stainless-steel……

优惠Samsonite Travel Equipment Backpack粉红、紫色背包

Samsonite Travel Equipment Backpack粉红、紫色背包
Bestbuy网店销售,原价44.99元,现价:19.99元包邮,点击进入订购页面。满20元包邮,需再订购一样小物品包邮。 The Samsonite Shera backpack is built tough enough to take on everyday use. It lets you carry a 15.6" laptop and all the accessories you need for life on the go in a comfortable design.

优惠HUAWEI ASCEND Y530 4.5寸屏智能手机

HUAWEI ASCEND Y530 4.5寸屏智能手机
The Source店内销售,解锁款零售价:200元,现价:79.99元,点击进入产品页面,点这里查看各分店库存。 解锁后不可用于Wind Mobile和Mobilicity。与夏天以前推荐的Y300主要差别在采用4.5英寸480 x 854分辨率显示屏,骁龙200 CPU,系统为安卓4.3,其他配置基本一样。 华为Ascend Y530支持HSDPA、Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n及Bluetooth 4.0。后置500万……

优惠Cuisinart GC-17NC电烤炉

Cuisinart GC-17NC电烤炉
Amazon网店销售,原价139.99元,现价:64.99元包邮,点击进入订购页面。 本产品可用来烤饼、煎蛋、烤肉串等,具有自动旋转功能,可同时烤10个肉串。 Hands-Free Grilling. Our auto-rotating skewers let you grill your meats, fish and vegetables to evenly cooked perfection, without lifting a finger Cleanup's a Breeze. With our……

优惠Old Navy官网Summer Clearance数千款指定服饰鞋包2.99元起大清仓

Old Navy官网Summer Clearance数千款指定服饰鞋包2.99元起大清仓
Old Navy官网Summer Clearance数千款指定服饰鞋包2.99元起大清仓,满50元包邮,点击进入订购页面。(请点击网站导航条进入男、女、男童、女童等栏目,再点左侧清仓图标。) Old Navy是目前美国最大的服装零售品牌,其服装以超值的价格、易搭配款式与优质面料风靡全球。

优惠Pentax Q7 12.4 MP宾得银色微单相机(Q10升级版,更清晰)

Pentax Q7 12.4 MP宾得银色微单相机(Q10升级版,更清晰)
Costco网店销售,原价399.99元,清仓价:249.97元包邮,Amazon售价:399.95美元,点击进入订购页面。 New 1/1.7 inch, back-illuminated CMOS sensor with 12.4 megapixels. Capable of producing 12 bit DNG RAW and JPG images, new sensor is a highly efficient and designed specifically to produce very low noise at high levels o……

优惠Pentax Q10 12.4 MP宾得银色微单相机

Pentax Q10 12.4 MP宾得银色微单相机
Costco网店销售,原价289.99元,清仓价:199.97元包邮,Amazon售价:249.99美元,点击进入订购页面。 12.4 Mega Pixel backlit CMOS sensor that produces very low noise at high levels of sensitivity for both 12 bit DNG RAW and JPG files. Full 1080p HD video @ 30FPS with h.264 compression Sensor shift shake reduction system……

优惠Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer 14 lbs火鸡炸锅

Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer 14 lbs火鸡炸锅
Walmart网店销售,原价:128.76元,现价:64元包邮,美国Amazon现价:139.99美元,只在boxing week打折到64.99美元,点击进入订购页面。 Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer cooks turkeys up to 14 lbs (6.35kg) in 3.5-4 minutes per pound, using 1/3 less oil than traditional turkey fryers. A digital timer and thermostat te……

优惠MEXX Summer Sale男女童装折后再打六折

MEXX Summer Sale男女童装折后再打六折
MEXX官网Summer Sale男女童装折后再打六折,折扣码:SUMMERSALE40,运费8元,满75元包邮,点击进入订购页面。 MEXX是来自荷兰的著名时装品牌,价格合理,设计实用偏休闲,不浮夸。

优惠Detachable 3 in 1 Camera Lens Kit鱼眼广角微距磁吸式三合一手机镜头

Detachable 3 in 1 Camera Lens Kit鱼眼广角微距磁吸式三合一手机镜头
Amazon网店销售,现价:4.99元包邮,点击进入订购页面。 注意:只适用于手机摄像头直径小于0.95cm,且摄像头周围平整的手机,因为是要贴铁环,镜头才能磁吸上去用的。另外,使用广角镜头拍摄会有暗角。 Specially designed for iphone4,and also compatible with any phone camera with lens smaller than 8.5mm. Make full use of the powe……

优惠Ontario Family Fishing Events License-Free Days安省免费钓鱼周

Ontario Family Fishing Events License-Free Days安省免费钓鱼周
安省每年安排两次免费钓鱼活动,首次活动一般在Family day长周末,而今年夏季的免费钓鱼则在7月5日(周六)至7月13日(周日)举行,在此期间,您在安省境内钓鱼无需渔牌,但需要遵守安省钓鱼规则,印刷版可在Service Ontario或轮胎店服务台等渔牌办理点索取。

优惠Sonya 2014 new Air Fryer免油空气炸锅

Sonya 2014 new Air Fryer免油空气炸锅
Sepgo网店销售,原价229.99元,现价:119.98元包邮,需在购物车内加入折扣码:SONYAAIRFRYER,点击进入订购页面。 实体店咨询电话:416-321-6977 烹饪容量:2.3L,底部的托盘可以直接放入洗碗机清洗。本品使用360度高速空气循环技术:煎炸美味食物,做出比传统油炸方式降低脂肪量达80%的美味食物。 •2014 Sonya New Rapid Air Technology 36……

优惠Bedol BEWC40 Water Clock Wink时钟两只装

Bedol BEWC40 Water Clock Wink时钟两只装
Newegg网店销售,原价49.99元,现价:19.99元包邮,点击进入订购页面。 A scientific breakthrough that helps make your life greener, the Bedol water clock runs only on water to keep time and doesn't require batteries or electricity. Its sophisticated technology converts ion in the water into clean energy power. Water wo……
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